Gym Rules



• Bouldering is a physically demanding and gymnastic activity for which you need to be prepared – warm up carefully, rest adequately and heed any signs of injury.

• A fall from any height can be dangerous.

• Bouldering is dangerous and can thus lead to serious injury or even death.

• It is possible to fall into the holds and features of a climbing wall, even if adequate care is taken.

• Climbing holds can become loose or break.

• Climbing can lead to sensuously rough hands.

• The crash mats are soft and thus present a tripping hazard, especially at their edges.

• If you have any medical condition that may affect your ability to climb, seek medical advice before climbing and inform our staff about this condition at the start of your visit.

• Minors must have their liability waiver signed on their behalf by an appropriate guardian and this guardian must ensure appropriate supervision of the minor when they are climbing in the centre (see our FAQs for more information on minors

• Minors that are 15 years old or under are not allowed in our training areas.

• Employees and agents of this bouldering centre can eject anyone for what they perceive to be unsafe behaviour or behaviour adversely affecting other’s enjoyment of the centre.


• Do not walk or position yourself under or too close behind climbers already climbing.

• Do not start climbing too close to someone who is already climbing – ensure you and other climbers already on the wall are not going to climb across each other’s path or come into contact if either of you fall.

• Ensure no one is in the fall zone of the boulder you are about to attempt.

• Ensure you are not standing in the fall zone of a boulder someone else is about to attempt.

• If you are uncomfortable falling from a certain height, do not climb that high.

• If necessary, organise a spotter to keep the required area around your boulder clear of others.

• If necessary, organise a spotter who knows how to spot for bouldering to guide your fall to the mats.

• If necessary, organise a spotter to reduce feelings of loneliness and to laugh at your jokes.

• Running, wrestling or acrobatics are not allowed anywhere in this bouldering centre.

• Heavy petting is to be kept to a minimum.

• Do not wear rings or wrist jewellery while climbing.

• If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to the centre’s staff – they are here to help ensure a safe and enjoyable
experiencefor all and ponder the more perplexing questions of existence.


• And by “awesome”, we mostly mean clean, con- siderate and respectful.

• Put waste in the appropriate bin.

• You must wear climbing shoes while on the walls. Barefoot climbing and climbing in dirty or wet shoes is not allowed.

• If you’re not climbing, please step off the mats.

• Do not bring food or drink onto the mats.

• Clean up any spills of chalk, comestibles or other mess immediately.

• Be sure to take all your belongings with you at the end of your session.

• Respect other people’s personal space and personal boundaries.

• If you bring in your furry, feathered or otherwise non-human friend, we do expect them to abide by the same rules as everyone else, and if they cannot behave as such, we may ask that you remove them from the centre.

• Lastly, we want you to feel at home in the centres, as if they are your own, but we want you to keep in mind that they are also every- one else’s – so, if you wouldn’t do it in someone else’s home, don’t do it here.